Returning Families Instructions

Linked families can now use ONE account login to complete ALL forms!


Families can now login using their PARENT account, sign the forms as a parent, and then use the new SIGN IN AS button to access the forms as the student without logging out of the PARENT account.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Login to Parent account (Must be linked with Student)
  2. Click Athletic Forms
  3. Sign forms for student(s) as the parent
  4. Click My Profile
  5. Click Linked Accounts
  6. Click the SIGN IN AS button next to the first student’s name
  7. *You are now logged in as the student*
  8. Click Athletic Forms
  9. Sign forms as logged in student
  10. Click Return to Parent button to access the parent account/login as the next student

Note: If you are not yet linked with a student account, check out this LINKING ACCOUNT help guide

*You may also re-use forms that were completed digitally on the site or uploaded to the site last year
1. Login to parent account
2. Click Athletic Forms
3. Click the hyperlink for a form that was completed last year on the site.
4. You will see the Print/Upload/Re-Use Here hyperlink near the top of the form:
5. Click Re-use, then review the reused info for accuracy and click Sign & Submit in the bottom right.

Attached Files

Returning Families BigTeams Sign In As Feature.pdf