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Methacton Warriors

Methacton High School & Arcola Intermediate School


Methacton Warriors

Methacton High School & Arcola Intermediate School

Methacton Warriors

Methacton High School & Arcola Intermediate School

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3.0 weeks ago @ 11:13AM

Spring Track Tryout Info 2024'

All athletes interested in joining the Boy’s Spring Track team should attend a preliminary meeting on February 14th in the LGI. Practice will begin on March 4th, with time trials starting on March 8th


Roster limitations will be placed on the 100m dash, 200m dash, and select throwing events. A one week suggested practice period, followed by two separate time trials, will give athletes the opportunity to see what their interests, strengths and weaknesses are. A list of sprinting standards is attached below. Athletes that aspire to solely train for the 100/200 must hit these standards, while anyone who does not meet the marks, will be encouraged to try out other event groups. The goal of these trials is to retain all interested athletes, while gathering a sense of what event’s they have the best chance of competing in and training for throughout the short season.


Sprinting Standards: 

  100m 200m 400m
Fr 12.90 26.50 70.00
So 12.90 26.50 68.00
Jr 12.70 26.00 64.00
Sr 12.70 26.00 64.00


For throws, a combination of general strength tests and throwing trials will take place to give the athlete a realistic outlook if they have a chance to compete. (PAC rules only allow 6 throwers per event).  


It is important to note that we will never dismiss any athlete entirely because of performance. JV athletes that show participation, a positive attitude, minimal absence history, and a willingness to improve/participate in other event groups, will gradually have more opportunities as the season goes on.


One of the best parts of high school track and field is giving brand new athletes, and athletes from other sports an opportunity to challenge themselves and join a highly competitive team. However, students that show up unprepared, carry a negative attitude, and seem generally uninterested will likely fall short of making our team.

Please send any questions to

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